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My Mother Married My Boyfriend

The book is wonderfully written and we've certainly enjoyed the quiet, thoughtful way that you bring out the poignant stories of triumph over adversity.
– Vivian Herman, Calgary AB

I have had time to sit and enjoy your book. The visceral prose and humanistic angle give the reader much to contemplate. I realize how much we can be thankful for living in our wonderful country.
–Scott Brown, Qualicum Beach, BC


"Buried to its buttocks in late March snow, a prairie town is in trouble...don't know the times tables from corn flakes".
– Excerpt (page 77) From Signpost - A Prairie Town.

Signpost – A Prairie Town

I really enjoyed Dan's sense of humour...
Thanks for bringing back old memories. I certainly enjoyed reading the book having been written by someone who had been in the Force at the same time as myself. A good read.
– Bruce

I found myself laughing out loud. Any good ol' prairie boy will find this book entertaining. It brought back so many memories.
– Skip Watson, Invermere, BC

Hilarious, tender, unflinching, always honest—Dan Lundine is a natural storyteller whose keen eye has recorded small town Saskatchewan and its characters all those many years ago when he was a just-sprung Mountie fresh from the west coast and raring for adventure.
-Ursula Vaira, publisher, Leaf Press

I spent a quiet, relaxing evening reading through the first 70 pages. I'm really enjoying your writing. I think I have laughed out loud several times.
– Matt McConchie, Victoria, BC

Your anecdotes are really humorous. I will enjoy reading the rest of the book.
– Larry Yeske, RCMP(retired) Winnipeg, MN

Your book captured the closeness, interdependence and spirit of a lifestyle that although still exists, has changed totally since our youth. You have added a personal, powerful piece of literature about life on the prairies in the 20th century.
– Laurie Rankin, Parksville, BC

Having lived on the prairies myself, I truly appreciate prairie humour. Dan's book captures it perfectly.
– Jeff Shields, Qualicum Beach, BC

"I was totally absorbed in this book...a very realistic portrayal of one man's journey from youth to manhood."
– Bob Turgeon, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Making Meaning of the Madness

With heartfelt sincerity, Dan Lundine has shared an intimately painful journey—the tragic premature death of his son.

In journeying with him, our losses are affirmed and authenticated. His growth gives us hope.

This book will be an invaluable aid in helping us come to terms with our own personal losses or to share those whose lives have been torn by death.
-Dr. Stephen Hansen, MD

Making Meaning of the Madness is beautifully written, poignant—a must read for bereaved fathers, it will give them insight and understanding of their emotions and will justify their feelings and hopefully give them permission to express themselves. Bereaved mothers and siblings , as well, will find it sensitive, honest and beneficial. Especially recommended for the newly bereaved, it offers hope and comfort along with practical coping advice.
-Ken Pinch
The Compassionate Friends of Canada