My Mother Married My Boyfriend
Extraordinary Tales of Everyday Canadians
by Dan Lundine

My Mother Married My Boyfriend cover photo
My Mother Married My Boyfriend cover photo

It's amazing what a person learns while leaning on a garden rake or the tailgate of a pickup…

Honest and real. No spit and polish. I found myself consistently inspired and amazed when reading these unfiltered and often incredible stories told by real Canadians. And what better way to discover who we really are than through the power of storytelling.

Grand Lawrence, CBC Radio
author of Adventures in Solitude

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Story Titles

Some of the 24 stories that you will enjoy reading are:

  1. Wander Lust

    He was a big bugger, my father.

  2. It Wobbled Like a Drunk

    I was raised in rural Alberta. Just a little farm.

  3. About Grit

    My neighbour, she raised her kids by herself.

  4. One Lone Sock

    During his grade twelve year, Bill had his left leg blown apart in a hunting accident.

  5. Out of Darkness, Light

    As winter surrendered its grip on Vienna and the Austrian countryside, twenty-year-old Bronia looked forward to warmer weather.